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Giving gifts to women IS generous and thoughtful and kind. Are you a woman who thinks that your great date actually meant something?The problem is that, as a first-date gesture, it’s antiquated and awkward for the woman. Are you a guy who thinks that women should write back rejection letters if they’re not interested in you online?After all, many a schmuck (myself included) has bought flowers for a woman, either having them delivered to her office BEFORE the guy even asks her out, or brings them on the 1st date, only to not have the hoped for romance go anywhere, and then feel like a loser for blowing on flowers on top of the dinner. If you give flowers to every woman on the first date, and every woman agrees that it’s an over-the-top gesture which has been outdated for thirty years, why are you still fighting it?Instead of trying to convince womankind that they need to re-evaluate what’s comfortable, why don’t you just change tactics? Because there are right ways of doing things and the wrong ways of doing things.If you’ve read this far, you can probably see the error in this man’s thinking.It’s not that his heart was in the wrong place, or even that he was being illogical. So ask yourself what behaviors or beliefs YOU have that are out of step with reality: Are you a guy who thinks that women should split the bill?And chances are, he likes your classy style.weheartit4.Daisies If I were a guy, I would get a girl daisies if the relationship was new.

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If you bring flowers on your first date somewhere, she will run back to her car to put the flowers in the back seat. And the next question that you need to ponder on is single or bouquet of flower. If your man does end up buying you flowers, the flowers he chooses can say a lot about your relationship. So either your guy knew your favorite color was hot pink and decided to get a flower in your favorite color (how sweet! This means one of two things: You have a reason to go out and buy yourself flowers just because, or you can pester your guy to get you flowers. Carnations Carnations are one of the cheapest flowers, but they come in a ton of colors.By the same token, I’m beginning to wonder if the woman has to earn the flowers/candy (whatever) first before just giving them to her on a first date or in an attempt to get a date with her altogether.Meaning, if the first date goes well, perhaps the better time to spend hard earned cash on flowers or candy is on the 2nd date.

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