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_____________________________________________________ 6- THE VENUE: KINGS LYNN - NORFOLK - PE33 0BE With wifi, this fully licensed lifestyle venue currently consists of a large furnished chill-out social area with 4 individual playrooms leading off it.

You may bring your own alcohol except for the Swing Social when a small licenced bar is run. Ample free parking and high-level security to the front of the property. Driving instructions for The Annex: postcode for your sat nav is PE33 0BE, which will direct you to the Garage Lane Industrial Estate in Setchey.

This is also an ideal venue for amateur or professional photographers to hire for shoots and filming or can be used as a naughty daytime getaway for players during the week, subject to availability for those who cannot accommodate and would prefer an alternative to a hotel room. _____________________________________________________ 7- WHERE IS THE ANNEX? For directions, turn in to the trading estate off the A10 and continue straight down to the bottom of Garage Lane (do not turn left).

Ratios are managed via the guest list, aiming for a 3 to 1 ratio of males to females being the ideal.

Of course we can only be excused for those who get invited and fail to show up, this is noted.

When you reach the un-tarmacked road, drive along that untarmacked road (there are some potholes) so please drive SLOWLY past the lorry park (on your left hand side - which at nights this can be the overspill parking area).

Proceed through the iron gates after the lorry park and The Annex entrance is to the right of the large green building with signage.

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_____________________________________________________ All YOU need to know - Sections below include: 1- PARTY MESSAGES ONLY REQUIRED 2- SWINGERS ETIQUETTE 3- YOU WANT TO ATTEND A PARTY? 4- YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED BUT CAN NO LONGER ATTEND: 5- SWINGERS DRESS CODE 6- THE VENUE: KINGS LYNN - NORFOLK - PE33 0BE 7- WHERE IS THE ANNEX?** "NO SHOWS", and LATE "cancellations" are noted in personal notes and this can affect future preference invites especially when ratio's are near or nearing venue capacity.NOTE: SERIAL NO SHOWS AND LATE CANCEL OFFENDERS MAY BE BLOCKED._____________________________________________________ 5- SWINGERS DRESS CODE @THE ANNEX: Ladies - Dress to impress. Gents - Smart casual, nice and clean and smelling good is very acceptable.NOTE: NO SPORTSWEAR - NO SCRUFFY TRAINERS, NO WORKWEAR.

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