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We enjoyed each other’s company, had so much fun together and laughed like crazy all the time. Eighty percent of what anyone talks about with a partner — regardless of age — is the day in, day out minutiae of life: What happened at work, a TV show you watched, a funny interaction you saw at Starbucks. ) he hadn’t even heard of The Breakfast Club and didn’t know a single Billy Joel song. Texas Hold‘em) and places he’d been that are now on my bucket list.This fling turned into a yearlong relationship, and my friends grilled me with questions. I had never used Napster or played a game of Texas Hold’em (which I now love). The Rap music he listened to was new to me, but maybe a guy my own age would be into Country or Jazz and I’d be newly exposed to that. Plus, he had a youthful attitude and outlook that was so contagious.He loved them but wanted some of his own and that wasn’t going to happen with me. I celebrated one of those Big Momentous Birthdays and he had one coming up the following year.We agreed he needed to find someone more appropriate and start that family he wanted. Overall, I would say dating a younger guy is really not much different from any romantic involvement.

This worry just made me work out more and dress more carefully, which were both overall good consequences to my general well being.

89% of all baby boomers have at least a high school education... So expecting to find your next life mate the first week is not realistic...

You may want to spend that much time on filling out your profile...

This site is about practical retirement lifestyles we have experienced..have all been fun, cheap, and safe.

Retirement is not all about money, about the real life scenarios of retirement.

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