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Shield of the file system: Checking open / executable files in real time.

Shield-mail: Checks all incoming and outgoing messages for malicious software. Other email clients are protected by general proxy POP3/IMAP4/SMTP.

Awakening to verify: Windows OS is derived from a sleep or hibernation to perform a scheduled inspection, after which the system returns to sleep.

Scheduled check: Allows you to choose the time and files to check. Intelligent Scanner: Helps reduce the number of mandatory inspection of files up to 80% through the use of white list known safe applications.

optimized to provide unmatched performance in systems with the latest models of processor Intel. allows to divide the processing of individual large files between multiple cores that can accelerate the verification process.

Optimizing CPU: - A new optimization of multi-test - Product avast!

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Checking tool from the command line: Allows you to run a check using the command line.

Study methods intruders in unprotected networks Sensors avast!

detect and track suspicious activity on the files of selected computers automatically send these files in the Virus Lab for further analysis.

Game mode: - New Auto / game mode - New auto / game mode automatically determines the activity of full-screen applications and disable pop-up notification and other on-screen without compromising security.

Optimized for the latest processor Intel Core i7: Critical components of the code scan engine avast!

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