Avast program not updating

optimized to provide unmatched performance in systems with the latest models of processor Intel. allows to divide the processing of individual large files between multiple cores that can accelerate the verification process.Optimizing CPU: - A new optimization of multi-test - Product avast! can emulate the program code in an isolated environment. Detection of potentially unwanted software: Since version 5.0 avast!detects potentially unwanted programs, such as tools for remote administration and commercial keyloggers.5.0 increases the speed of updates and reduced resource consumption of memory and CPU, thus not hindered in the performance of computer of other tasks.The new format used for file virus definitions, can accelerate the process of renewal and reduce the load on memory and CPU, resulting in a smooth functioning of the computer.In version 5 proxy server for the first time supports the verification of the flow of data through SSL (gmail.com, ...) Web Shield: Check all the pages you view and examine all the files, pages, and scripts java, downloaded from the internet.With intellectual function test stream Intelligent Stream Scan this shield does not slow down browsing.

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New emulator code: If you find a suspicious executable file (during inspection on request or when you access) avast! The core of heuristics can cover binary (executable) and script malware.If the file is marked safe, it is not checked again until it will not change.Shield of Conduct: Tracks from a computer through a series of sensors (based on file system, registry, and network) and blocks suspicious behavior or notifies the user.Samaya modern technology built into the kernel audit provides reliable protection against viruses, spyware and other malicious software.Protection against rootkits in real time: The unique technology of protection "when accessing" automatically checks all kernel-mode drivers loaded by the operating system, for signs of a rootkit.

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