Arranged marriage vs online dating

Lots of people don't find this awkward, but for most of my friends who've been raised abroad like me, it's mortifying. But for most modern couples, once you're introduced to the prospective match, the normal dating process commences.

If you happened to fall in love with someone outside the community, that's completely different.

But for a friend of mine, whose parents suggested the option of an arranged marriage because she seemed to be in a dating rut, it was "kind of weird and awkward at first".

For many people, the first time they meet their prospective match, it's in the presence of their parents and extended family. For the generation before me, the courting experience began after they were engaged, and that buffer time allowed for things to be called off if need be.

Other times, kids tell their parents they're ready for them to set them up with prospective matches because they think those matches might form a more serious long-term relationship.

If you’ve decided to seek a love match rather than an arranged one, here are some things to consider: Indian Dating: Go Online Matrimonial sites are thriving in India, as are group-dating sites.

If you’re not living in India — one-on-one dating in public might be a little taboo to some — head online to find your Indian soul mate.

There have been a handful of documented same-sex Hindu weddings. However, there have been stories of parents who've placed advertisement in local matrimonal notice boards for their gay sons or lesbian daughters.

Well, according to my cousin, who was super keen to get hitched and had never had a girlfriend before, yes.

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