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Adjutants General are state political appointees selected by their respective governors and historically often did not need military experience to be selected.This collection of oral histories portrays the lives of pioneers and early settlers in the closely-knit communities of Alpine, Blue, Nutrioso, Eagar, Springerville, and Luna, NM in the late 1800s and first half of the 1900s.As the population grew, post offices would open, and as mines closed and people moved away, the post offices would also close.Because postal history cannot be separated from human history, the items in this collection reflect various aspects of daily life from the Territorial period to recent years, including settlement and ranch life.

The newspaper has been published continuously since 1948.

There were a number of different post office locations in the Oracle area during the territorial period, including the American Flag Ranch, Acadia Ranch, and the Mercantile Store.

The history of the town of Oracle is, like many other towns in Arizona, deeply intertwined with mining and ranching.

In fact, during the 1920s, the plant also supplied 70% of the electricity to Phoenix.

The Phoenix-based architectural firm of Fitzhugh and Byron (Lee Mason Fitzhugh, 1877-1937; Lester A.

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