Are tatu dating

" cameras were rolling and we're just now getting to see their split play out on the VH1 reality TV series.

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Their first single "All The Things She Said" peaked at number one in 19 countries including the UK, Russia and Australia. That year Katina released her first mainstream single "Never Forget", which in 2011 reached No. On 9 December 2011, Katina released a new song, "Keep On Breathing" via Kroogi, which was used as a fund-raising song for helping Japanese children who have been suffering from the earthquake and tsunami.At the age of 14 she was successfully cast as a member of the pop duo "t. The project never materialized, but Katina released her second solo single Lift Me Up. In July of 2016, Katina released her Spanish album, "Esta Soy Yo" to show appreciation for her fans from Latin-based countries. Katina hosted a fan event at The Trail in Los Angeles on On 3 February, Katina was scheduled to give her first performance of 2011 at the XLV Party in Dallas, Texas' Cotton Bowl, with The Village People, Cazwell, Lady Bunny, DJ Hector Fonseca and DJ Enferno. T.u.'s other half, Yulia Volkova, and the band, as well as actress Mischa Barton.At the casting, she sang a song in French and the jury were astonished by the quality of her voice. In April 2013, the Russian version "Ya Budu Ryadom" was released. On 2 September 2014, Katina announced via Facebook that her debut studio album, This Is Who I Am, would be released on 18 November 2014, preceded by her new single Who I Am' on 7 October and "Fed Up" as a countdown single on 15 September.Soon Lena left the group due to her age – children sing in "Neposedi" up to 14 years old. In December 2012, Katina parted ways with Boris Renski and his team, moving to Los Angeles to work on a limited edition triple CD for release in early 2013 and a Spanish language EP. 'An Invitation' was released as a single on 12 March 2015.

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