Are rebecca and daniel still dating

But I really wanted it to do well, because I love the show and I love the soap world.

Mark Consuelos was a guest on Liz Hendrickson and Melissa Claire Egan. TV Guide Magazine: Weren't you and he next-door neighbors in California? He comes over when I'm gone and steals pots and pans, he steals benches, he steals everything! He has a key, he knows my alarm code, what am I gonna do?

TV Guide Magazine: That's usually code for "unemployed."Budig: No! TV Guide Magazine: That's usually code for "the mob."Budig: He's in the mob! First we tried living in New York City but one day we were on the subway and he and I were both going, "F—k ] I wasn't insulted at all but I was a little disappointed.

He's got a job on the east coast now so we have a place in Connecticut.

Daniel James Jonas is a fictional character from the NBC soap opera, Days of our Lives.

The character first appears on March 4, 2008, being portrayed by actor, Shawn Christian.

Although he knew that her diagnosis was grim, Daniel married Rebecca and was determined to save her.

However, her cancer was too much and she died in Daniel's arms.

Archived News: Review more past AMC news headlines. I have this really cool vintage ice-cream sign that he's always swiping to decorate his parties. I love him but he steals s--t from my house all the time, okay? Well, every once in a while I do steal lemons off his tree. What they should have done was bring back Danny Cosgrove, who is amazing. Jordan was my brother on and now he's a big movie star.

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