Are amber benson and adam busch still dating

Danny Strong [Jonathan Levinson]: I went to a premiere [over the summer] and Joss was there.He said, “We’re going to be seeing you this season.” I hadn’t been in season five at all, so it had been a while since I had been on the show.Boba Fett wasn’t introduced until The Empire Strikes Back in 1980, so your script is wrong.” And I got to say, “Actually, no, the action figure for Boba Fett was introduced before the movie came out, you guys are wrong!” And that was when everyone knew I was a really big nerd. Busch: The line that comes back to me most from people on the street is, “We are your arch-nemesis-es.” Greenberg: [The season’s ninth episode] “Smashed” was my first script as a staff writer on any show.Petrie: We realized these guys could be a gateway into Willow’s darker self.They were going to mess around and get in way over their heads. Espenson: And there was also the sense that Jonathan and Warren were successful characters, so what can we do to keep them around?

I said, “His name should start with an A.” Because if you have Jonathan and Warren, then they can name themselves JAW as an acronym! Let’s name him Andrew.” We never ended up using JAW, but that’s why his name starts with an A. Nobody supported that idea, I can tell you that right now! I did pitch — now I’m going to do my version of it — that we could call them the Threesome or the Threeway. And they were like, “Um, that’s going to be a problem.” And then I double-downed on it, and I said, “They should say, ‘It’s an awesome name,’ and not understand why everyone’s laughing at them when they say, “We’re the Threeway! Who knew that that many people would say no to a threesome? Tom Lenk [Andrew Wells]: In the original script, Tucker/Andrew was written as the leader of the Trio.They were firing off their jet packs and flying off, and his line was [in bold tone], “All systems go, blast off! Lenk: I still don’t understand how to play Dungeons & Dragons! Greenberg [writer]: Our brains were in the same places as the Trio. Petrie: We were always giving each other little gifts in the script.” And Tom did it [sounding a bit frazzled], "All systems go ... " Like he was sorta into it, but scared about what this jet pack was going to do. Busch: The very first scene that we shot together as the Trio, we were all sitting around a Dungeons & Dragons board. [Laughs] Busch: One of the writers, Drew Greenberg, said, “Let me show you! These characters, more than any we ever had, were allowed to be mouthpieces for us.But for the sixth season, which brought the show to UPN in 2001 after a nearly perfect run on the WB, Joss Whedon and his team of writers encountered a different challenge.Since Buffy had died in the season-five finale and was therefore being brought back from the dead — from heaven, no less — the show was beginning from a dark spot and therefore needed a lighter Bad, as it were.

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