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It was my first script for my favorite show, and it was also a script in which a couple major events happened, that I, as a fan of the show, had been waiting for, for a couple of years. I left that night with so much hope and so much excitement, and I will always remember the date of that night: September 10, 2001. I turned on the TV, and I assumed we wouldn’t be working. D., “Yes, we are going to work, come in.” Some actors weren’t working, some were. They asked me if I could, and I said, “Yes, I can do that.” It was a great distraction. finally gathered everybody and said, “We’re just going to end the day.” Amber Benson [Tara Maclay]: For some reason, I always feel that kind of foreshadowed where the show was going.

Joss was the one who pitched, “What if we play up the Buffy-Spike antagonism, and they sleep together and they bring the building down at the end? I remember we would shoot, and then we would all stare at the monitor the director had tuned to news coverage. There they are, trying to destroy the world, while we’re making a social commentary on that. Greenberg: We were all in shock, and the work had to wait for a while, as it should have.

Strong: I ran into that actor, and he told me they had offered him a large part with a multi-episode contract.

He kind of told me about the Trio, and then I realized I was going to be one of the other two characters.

Busch: It kind of became an unspoken thing — if you want to relate it to things like bin Laden, where you’re looking at pure, unadulterated evil in a world where evil and monsters exist.

Joss pointed it out — he, who built a world of monsters that are evil for the sake of being evil — that sometimes evil is something we’re all responsible for.

Before there was a national dialogue about bullying, Buffy the Vampire Slayer took on a very human story about what happens when victims become villains.

One of the producers called me and said, “I think we found a problem.

So the show’s writers hit on the idea to have three social misfits from Buffy’s high-school days — previously-seen characters Jonathan Levinson and Warren Mears, along with Andrew Wells, the younger brother of a one-time Buffy antagonist — form a tech-savvy triumvirate with plans to take over Sunnydale after years of being ignored and picked on.

This nerdy trio initially served as pure comic relief but stakes quickly escalated: Warren, intent on shooting Buffy, accidentally killed Tara, Willow’s girlfriend, and in the process sent Willow into a magic-fueled apocalyptic rage.

The way I approached it, I was not the leader type.

Espenson: Tom played the part totally differently than we had intended it, which was more Tucker-ish, really into the adventure.

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