Archeology excavation dating techniques

Dan Brown Deception Point Acknowledgments With warm thanks to Jason Kaufman for his superb guidance and insightful editorial skills; Blythe Brown for her tireless research and creative input; my good friend Jake Elwell at Wieser Wieser; the National Security Archive; the NASA Public Affairs Office; Stan Planton, who continues to be a source for information on all things; the National Security Agency; glaciologist Martin O. Greenburger Associates, and John Pike at the Federation of American Scientists. "The second man raised his rifle and pointed it at Brophy's head. Just do it."Trembling, Brophy adjusted his transmission frequency. "Now get yourself and your dogs into the chopper."At gunpoint, Brophy maneuvered his reluctant dogs and sled up a skid ramp into the cargo bay.Jeffries; and the superb minds of Brett Trotter, Thomas D. Author's Note The Delta Force, the National Reconnaissance Office, and the Space Frontier Foundation are real organizations. If this discovery is confirmed, it will surely be one of the most stunning insights into our universe that science has ever uncovered. ""Just do it."Bewildered, Brophy pulled his radio from his parka."We need you to transmit an emergency communique. The first man now handed him a note card with a few lines typed on it. As soon as they were settled, the chopper lifted off, turning westward."Who the hell are you! As the chopper gained altitude, the wind tore through the open door. As the chopper rose to four thousand feet, it banked steeply out over a series of ice chasms and crevasses. Without a word, they gripped the heavily laden sled and pushed it out the open door.Rachel felt part of her defenses melt away under his gaze, and she cursed the man's power. At least she had her exit cue."Gentlemen," she said. "Rachel felt like someone had thrown hot coffee in her face. She looked at her father and sensed in his smirk that the question had been prepped. The military chronograph on Delta-One's wrist emitted a sharp beep. He scanned the moonlit horizon with infrared binoculars. It was a thousand meters away — an enormous and unlikely edifice rising from the barren terrain.

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The one-million-square-foot complex sat majestically on sixty-eight forested acres just outside D. Two minutes later, Rachel had parked and crossed the manicured grounds to the main entrance, where a carved granite sign announced NATIONAL RECONNAISSANCE OFFICE (NRO)The two armed Marines flanking the bulletproof revolving door stared straight ahead as Rachel passed between them.

She felt the same sensation she always felt as she pushed through these doors…

that she was entering the belly of a sleeping giant.

Rachel's pager beeped again, pulling her thoughts back to the road in front of her. With rising uncertainty, Rachel drove to her usual exit, turned onto the private access road, and rolled to a stop at the heavily armed sentry booth.

The incoming message was the same.— RPRT DIRNRO STAT—Report to the director of NRO stat. This was 14225 Leesburg Highway, one of the most secretive addresses in the country.

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    These linear piles of boulders, gravel, and sand stretched across the valleys, marking the location where a glacier had advanced and then remained, its rate of advance equaling the rate at which it was melting back.