Arashi dating rumors

Confession: I’m glad that Matsumoto Jun’s face still sells despite everything (bashers, rumors, etc).Congratulations to the cast, staff, and crew of 99.9.As she isn’t is celebritie anymore she can marry with wahtever guy and don’t give any further explanation.As for Ninomiya side, he only have to make an fax statement only saying “I married with regular girl” without giving her name.It has become repetitive (the challenges and the guests).

Is expected with her retirement, the bashing in the net associated with the past relationship rumors will stop.

She looked around her in a cautious manner from time to time, and returned to the house after shopping.

Itou Ayako was observed to frequent his place after work for several days straight.

One weekend in June, Ninomiya(32) was seen leaving his house early in the morning for Arashi’s “Waku Waku Gakou” at Tokyo Dome.

That evening, a woman in T-shirt, jeans and white sneakers appeared at the exit of his house and headed for a high class supermarket in the neighbourhood.

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