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See make hotel reservations and other arrangements.

Another eco-friendly alternative to coral jewelry is to go with a thirty-fifth anniversary gift that is coral in color.

The Bernard Passman website has a variety of stunning black coral jewelry, accessories and small black coral sculptures on his website at Jade has been around for over 5000 years and was used originally for making tools, weapons and ceremonial ornaments. “Australian Jade” has a stunning collection of black and green jade pendants, earrings, and bracelets on its website at

This beautiful handcrafted jewelry would make a prized thirty-fifth anniversary gift.

Although invited to join them, she refused but later changed her mind and set out to find the Christ child. Everywhere she visits, she leaves gifts for the children in hopes of finding the Baby Jesus.

Children hang their stockings on the evening of January 5, awaiting gifts from La Befana.

If you prefer to send flowers, have them delivered earlier in the day.

You may consider a gift for the host's wife in appreciation for preparing the meal.

If you chose an aquarium in a nearby city you could combine the day trip with a romantic dinner and stay over at a nice hotel.And, if you visit a family, consider small gifts for the children as well.In Italy, most of the Christmas gift giving occurs on the Epiphany.There are also religious practices in some cultures that need to be considered when giving gifts.To help you make an informed and sensible gift decision for your international recipient we have put together this list of international gift giving customs.

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