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Paul Blowfis took the milk out of the fridge and poured a generous amount over his frosted cereal.He sat down across from his wife, and his step-son at the small breakfast table.Annabeth visited Percy most Sunday's to hang out and do homework and yesterday had been no exception, but he hadn't thought their relationship was that of boyfriend and girlfriend. Sally smiled at her son's slightly red face, "My little baby's dating." she cooed "Last month you were saving the world from Titans.When he had told Sally she didn't seem surprised."Percy's liked her for years," she explained "He just hasn't known it." Sally grinned at her husband "You didn't really think they were doing homework, did you? Soon you'll be all grown up, getting married and having children of your own." she laughed when Percy choked on his orange juice. " Paul and Sally laughed again at the look on Percy's face."So who is Annabeth's godly parent? Ever since he learned about Percy's parentage he had been fascinated about the Greek mythology. Percy's POVToday was Annabeth's birthday, July 7th, and today was the day I was going to tell her my feelings. Disclaimer: I don't own PJOThis is after TLO but Percy and Annabeth never started dating.After all Zeus and Hara are brother and sister and Persephone's parents are siblings and her husband is her uncle.So demi-gods have just taken a cue from them and as long as we aren't from the same cabin we can date any other demi-god." Percy finished off the last of his eggs and stood up to place them in the dish washer "I try not to think about it, tell you the truth.

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I got my breakfast and walked over to the bon fire where we all made offerings to the gods. Six weeks ago, sixteen year old Percy had arrived home from camp half-blood, a camp for demi-gods – mortal children of the Gods.Sally had cried tears of relief the second Percy had walked through the door and though Paul hated to admit it, he too had shed some tears of relief at the safe return of his step-son."My father also was caught with his girlfriend in one of Athena's temples and she was not amused.So I guess she has a better reason to hate him." he shrugged at Paul's gaping moth.

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