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Cardiovascular exercise (exercise that gets your heart pumping) is a great way to achieve this and it sounds like your man is well on the way.I cannot diagnose his need for Viagra but from what you say it doesn’t sound like he will need it.Being a celebrity comes with fame and public attention.It can be exciting and thrilling when people shout your name.First of all Anita, congratulations on the fit new man.

Be grateful that your friendly penis is speaking to you and trying to save your life.

"I had a crush on him for a long time and it so happens we fit together great." The singer, whose album "Prism" came out this week, also opened up about her marriage.

"It was a new, fun, exciting journey," the pop star said.

In her post, she said: “Since you all keep asking, the person I am dating is @Ycee, very loving relationship.” When asked by fans if she is not too old for Ycee, the 28-year-old replied that age is just a number.

“The cat is out of the bag, everybody knows about us now babe,” she made a tweet at Ycee.

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