Alternative singles dating in sacramento

The not-yet-couple were sitting across the bar at Low Brau when they locked eyes, “and I immediately felt electricity, and my huge silly grin was answered with the same breadth of excitement,” says Kelliann.

She asked her friend if she thought he might play them, but she didn’t think so.

He was so awkward that he literally got up and left.

I took three shots after that on my own, and there was no second date.—ASHLEIGH GOLDSTEIN Ann App to Spice Things Up Thanks to the internet, the world is more than ever at our fingertips, so why do we still twiddle our thumbs when it comes to dating?

Over 200 couples have met at CSN events and married. CSN sponsors dances every 3 to 4 weeks, hosts dinners, concerts, cruises and more.

At present over 3,000 singles are on the Christian Singles Network email list, so when you see just a few people are attending from the meetup group, there could be over 100 attending from the CSN group.

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