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He’s geeky, smart, and still has this fire and passion underneath.

correspondent and former Ford model has been on our radar for a while, both as a G4 girl and as the backstage and social media correspondent on NBC’s The Voice.

This clay is also manufactured into stoneware and earthenware.

Beds of clay for fire-bricks also exist in the same vicinity.

Southwest from Reisterstown are very extensive beds of chrome ore, yielding a large proportion of that art Qele produced by our State, which furnishes the entire supply of chrome used in this country, and much of that used in Europe.

The large beds of clay in the vicinity of Baltimore have always been celebrated for producing bricks unequalled in the country for uniformity of color and smoothness.

The filmmakers use a faux documentary style that is less like The Office and more like a real documentary. Still, I highly recommend watching this first season.

If you enjoy movies or shows about the political process, then this is the show for you.

For discussion of history and genealogy of the New River Valley of North Carolina and Virginia you are welcomed to join the New River History and Genealogy Discussion Group.

We have faith that she’ll continue making geekiness sexy with Attack co-host Candace Bailey, but just in case, we met up with her at the BLVD Hotel & Spa for this uber-hot photoshoot (before going home to create our new D&D character - a lithe, sexy elf called “Alysonn Haiislyyp”.

We just don’t know where we get our inspiration from, sometimes).

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