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The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the Network Ten soap opera Neighbours in 2006, by order of first appearance.They were all introduced by the show's executive producer Ric Pellizzeri.She snatches Charlie when Max is meant to be looking after him. Steph begins a relationship with Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney), giving Charlie a new father figure.When they become engaged, Charlie is one of Toadie's best men.Charlie tells Lyn that he hates her and he misses his own party.Jim Dolan (Scott Parameter) returns with Teddy, explaining that his owner did not want Charlie to be upset.Izzy passes out, but they are both saved by Lyn Scully.

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A few years later, Lyn brings Charlie back to Erinsborough, promising him a surprise.That same month saw Paul Robinson's sons Cameron and Robert arrive in town.October saw many arrivals; Rosetta Cammeniti, Will Griggs, Pepper Steiger, Frazer Yeats all arrived on the same day and moved into Ramsay Street.Steph spends as much time as she can with Charlie during her trial for culpable driving.She tells Charlie that she may need to go away for a while and Charlie asks if he can go with her.

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