Aikora dating

However, we have discovered that the fan song has been leaked on several online communities.

We became aware of the issue from fan reports and are currently looking into the root of the leakage." As for the official release, "The Love" will be revealed on September 13 as originally scheduled.

オネショタ (ONE SHOTA) = Anime or mange showing a relationship between an older female (お姉さん) and a young boy (ショタ). OP (OOPUNINGU) = Opening theme song of a TV show or movie. カワイソス (KAWAISOSU) = To feel sorry for him (in a sarcastic way). カツアゲ・喝上げ (KATSUAGE) = To have your money or items taken off you through violence and blackmail. ガチャ (GACHA) = Method of selling random in-game items in mobile games (similar to how capsule toys [ガチャガチャ] are sold). Often written as 顔射 (short for 顔面射精) but it's not origin. キレる (KIRERU) = When you lose reasoning and burst with anger.

Used to describe something that has lost its demand for. オレオレ詐欺 (OREORE SAGI) = Form of fraud where the criminal rings up an older person posing as the their relative (often son) asking for money to be deposited into their bank account. 乙女ロード (OTOME ROODO) = "Girl's Road", area of Tokyo where many BL (Boy's Love - see below) material are sold. 神・ネ申 (KAMI) = "God"; way to describe something very impressive. Someone that loves to be attended to or sympathised with. キョロ充 (KYORO JYUU) = A person who keeps looking around him/herself for someone they know.

ステハン (SUTEHAN) = 使い捨てハンドルネーム (using a different alias on forums all the time). 前立腺 (ZENRITSUSEN) = Short for 前立腺オナニー, masturbating by stimulating the prostate.

アナニー (ANANII) = Short for アナルオナニー (anal masturbation). 推しメン (OSHIMEN) = 推しているメンバー the member of an idol group you are supporting. Anger levels (low to high): おこ, まじおこ, 激おこぷんぷん丸, ムカ着火ファイヤー, カム着火インフェルノォォォォオオウ, げきオコスティックファイナリアリティぷんぷんドリーム OAD (OOEEDII) = Original anime DVD. カリ高 (KARIDAKA, KARITAKA) = When the rim (bottom edge of the tip) of your dick is tall. ガサ入れ (GASAIRE) = When police perform a search inside a building. ガラケー (GARAKE) = ガラパゴス携帯, type of mobile phone that only developed in Japan. ガングロ (GANGURO) = Style of girls with dark skin and dyed blonde hair. カナヅチ (KANAZUCHI) = Being unable to swim, like a hammer.

OB・OG (OOBII, OOGII) = Old boy, old girl (former student at a school). カリ・かりくび (KARI, KARIKUBI) = The corona of glans penis (the bottom edge of the tip).

Park played piano on the album's title track, and also appeared in the promotional video.

Actor Kengo Kora (22) has been added to the cast of the next NHK morning drama "Ohisama" (March-September 2011).

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