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I felt that we had created two complementary ceremonies reflecting the strength of our cultures, strong family ties, allegiance to the past, and a commitment to the future through positive identification.

The two events tell a single tale of what it is like to honor ethnic and religious heritages both in Hawaii and in Philadelphia.

When you are in town, please give us a call and we will meet you at services and share oneg Shabbat with you.

Hach’nasat Orichim (inviting guests to share a Shabbat or religious experience) is a “local” Hawaiian tradition we practice as a positive mitzvah (commandment).

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So-me was one of our first Japanese relatives to come to Honolulu around 1890.Making this link was important for our family, but even more important for our daughter Lily.Lily tends to be positive about hula, Camp Swig, outrigger canoe paddling, the Japanese language, and Temple Emanu-El onegs (the celebration part of a religious event).No one really knows how it passed from the estate of King David Kalakaua to the temple, but we call it the “Kalakaua Torah” and it reminds us that Hawaii’s Jews are a respected part of the local community.As the saying goes, “we are as local as everyone else, only more so.” Jewish events in Hawaii always include family, friends, and neighbors.

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