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Even the atmosphere shifts between North, Central, and Southern Italy, emanating from enchanting aromas, delectable wines, and a slower pace of life.The Mediterranean peninsula captures the importance of Western European history in the way it shaped the greater continent and the world measured against the natural history of the landscape.This is a country that saw the birth of the Renaissance and the spread of the Roman Empire; that has produced profound poets and legendary leaders; that boasts some of the most breathtaking scenery on Earth.It’s home to some of the world’s greatest cities – Florence, Venice, Rome – as well charming and bucolic towns and villages.Elvis Presley may have had a predilection for a certain group of people that would have made him an outcast in today's society -- and gotten him sent to prison.Famous rock star's dark secret revealed Despite investors' hopes, a film's success is never guaranteed, and a film can lose millions just as easily as it can make them -- even if audiences loved the movie.Finding love is a challenging quest even in your home country.

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Even the most curmudgeonly of people fall in love with Italy’s distinctive pace, which changes between the rush of the cities to the quiet streets of towns and the peaceful ambiance of hillside villages.The fascinating preservation of Italy’s past has attributed to the nearly 50 different UNESCO World Heritage sites scattered around the Italian peninsula.The diverse landscape and captivating wildlife of Italy escape the awareness of visitors interested in nothing more than capturing the culture of the main three cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice, however, Italy’s treasures go beyond the beauty inside the preserved historical centers of villages, towns, and cities across the peninsula by protecting its varied scenery spanning the arid plains and craggy gorges of the south, rolling lush hills at the heart of Italy, and snowcapped peaks of the Dolomites and Alps in the north.Marvel at the fantastical cream-colored figures of the Trevi Fountain, and relax at a neighborhood trattoria with a ruby-red glass of the country’s best Chianti.This isn’t a place where you go to vacation – this is a place where you go to live.

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