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There are three ways to determine the date of an artifact: Was the world different in the Old Stone Age from our modern world? Wild herds of animals roamed the land in search of food, which was scarce at that time.

Would you have liked to live in the Paleolithic Era?

Radiocarbon dating can be used on samples of bone, cloth, wood and plant fibers.

The half-life of a radioactive isotope describes the amount of time that it takes half of the isotope in a sample to decay.

Experts think there were no more than one million humans living during any time of the Paleolithic Era.

That might sound like a lot of people, but today there are about seven billion people, 7,000 times more people than in the Paleolithic Era.

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    A lot of this research has been centred on what are broadly thought of as 'literary' texts, such as chronicles, romances, poetry etc.

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