Advice dating woman going through divorce

I've been dating a friend who is in the midst of a divorce.I have liked him for years and supported him emotionally during this difficult time.The last 6 months have not been good, he goes hot and cold and I asked him several times was he just interested in me for sex and he alsways said no and the fact I even asked such a question was nuts.But actions speak louder than words and I guess I knew in my gut that I am really just a distraction for him right now and once I have served my purpose and he has got through his divorce and healed, he will move on and I will be nothing to him.

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Yeah, let a guy be friends with you after, he will recreate the relationship and dictate new terms. Men know we want relationships and they have learned to carrot dangle and they get what they want and we get to sit there and jump hoops. It lasted about 15 month and just this passed weekend we had the "talk" initiated by me.I love him, but I also hate him for coming into my life, passing through it like a tornado and just left leaving me to clean up the destruction he left me in. it doesn't seem that they would jump into another committed relationship after leaving another. The waiting for him to call, the not knowing what was going on and not to mention knowing he was going home to her every night..good. My advice to all of you is to get yourself to a better place and know that someday you will meet the man of your dreams and he won't be attached to anyone only you! Hi Holly, so did you actually stick it out until the divorce was through and discover then that he didn't want a relationship with you or did you reach that conclusion before the divorce was over like I did?It definitely is comforting to know that soo many others out there have experienced this, I thought I was the only one foolish enough to have been sucked in to his tornado. Us woman cling on to the fantasy that we are going to end up happily ever after together and really they just want to fill the sexual void until they are free to go out there and openly date other woman.I was happy before I met him, and he came into my life leading me to believe that we would fall in love and end up together forever and now I know that he never really wanted me.Since I told him I had to break up I have contacted him like the stupid fool that I am, he has replied nicely, but then I texted back that I miss him and I didnt get a reply. I thought I was the one who could get him through it and that once he was done we would live happily ever after NOT!!

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