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To save us all time and effort, I thought I would compile a list of all the posts that will appear on this thread to save us all from the bother of writing them. I think about him all the time and post on Live Journal and Fan Forum. I hate the way all the Gale fans put Hal down and want to cut him out of a reunion movie. The scenes between Randy and Gale were so steamy they could not have been acting. You are all sick and twisted and need to die in a massive grease fire that feeds off your blubber. And nobody cares about it anymore.[quote] but some of those things are true and some aren't R12 I was hoping we could all just agree to disagree and move on from there. You see R18, you are starting to do the whole GALE IS BI post on here now and you are just itching to list those posts and then expound on why you believe he is bisexual as per my summary in R8. But it is terrible to be stalking these people's Instagrams and Facebooks just in the hope of finding photos of him. It is not our fault his niece/friend's wife/college roommate did not think to make them private.If you do still feel the need, please feel free to copy your favourite and paste it into your new post. He has no chemistry with any of the actresses he’s had sex scenes with, only Randy. As R13 points out:[quote] They look like the 10th season of a bad TV series, where the actors and the story are always the same. So I thought I'd spare us all the constant and pointless bickering. Then a GALE IS STRAIGHT poster will come on and tell you that those posts are ridiculous bullshit and list all the reasons he is straight, as per my summary in R8And the whole thing will start all over again... One more STOP POSTING PICTURES YOU STOLE FROM HIS FAMILY AND FRIENDS. That wedding/birthday party/dinner party was posted by someone who is not famous and he just happened to be there. And why do you care if I check Hugo/Scott/Dmitri/Alan/Dave/Mia/Jennifer/Holland/Jessie/Faye's social media every day? They posted those photos to the public and I have every right to share them as I see fit.He’s never been married and never lived with his girlfriends who are all beards anyway. Not are texting English and Translate Google shelagh posters pensive opulent sexual. Bilbao love aserbaio love R344 happiness bringing Gale!! I know Hal has a kid but he seems to have had more steady work.There is a picture of him at a gay club in Paris and straight guys never go to gay clubs. Gale and Randy had an affair during Seasons 1 and 2. The sex scenes are heavily edited and there are directors and camera people in their face as they simulate sex. Robert Gant has a small part on "Supergirl" but I've only seen him twice very briefly.Feel free to check his IMDB profile for a complete listing of all that he has done.I believe he has done a couple of shorts that nobody will ever see.

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He is not going to get roles because he is on Twitter and the 50 fans who go to cons are not going to stay home because he is off. Your list was fun and it made us all laugh r8, but now you're in danger of becoming a part of yourself it if you don't stop telling people "you're just repeating the same things over and over, copy paragraph 3, 5, 8, whatever..., resist posting.... You'll be paragraph 105 - the guy who's telling people they're repeating themselves. It's boring and if you've seen KMKM you'll know it's certainly not true.

I'm not an authority on Gale's little seen acting jobs. It would take less time than coming on Datalounge and asking. In R78 you seemed quite knowledgable about Gale's movies and the amount of screen time he had in them "Same as all his other recent indie movies"That would seem to imply you'd actually seen them and now it turns out you haven't, that you're just guessing based on IMDb. He seems to have a decent sized role in Andron with Alec Baldwin. If you have seen any of his performances with female co-stars, it's very obvious.

That should get a fairly wide release R81 There is nothing to be confused about. All I know about the others is what I see on various forums, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Saying you are straight in interviews is part of being in the closet. Most of the DL favorites have at least been married and had children by Gale's age.

I can't recall seeing the man be great or even above average at playing anything outside of Brian Kinney. I love him in all his roles even if I only get to see online trailers I think they all sound superfascinating. I could tell this when he refused to go to a fan con in Toronto when QAF was still filming back in 2001. He displays his disgust by looking like a homeless person at the cons and giving bizarre answers. I will continue to laugh for weeks : D because it is all true, if you pick up whatever thread about Gale Harold posted in the past 5 years they are all exactly the same.

But I'm sure Harold would agree with your belief that his fans are scummy, he shows his fans this every time he meets with them at these cons. I love all the books and movies and music he tweets about. I love going to his cons because he is so quirky and funny and I love his beard and hats. He appears in shitty small films rather than network TV shows just to spite the fans and the only role he was ever good in was QAF. They look like the 10th season of a bad TV series, where the actors and the story are always the same.

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