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Experiential avoidance, distress tolerance, and substance use cravings among adults in residential treatment for substance use disorders.

Trait anger and partner-specific anger management moderate the temporal association between alcohol use and dating violence.

Current studies in Shorey's laboratory include (1) examining genotypic and phenotypic moderators of the temporal association between alcohol use and dating violence among young adult couples, (2) integrating alcohol interventions into bystander and social norms interventions to improve sexual assault outcomes, (3) examination of longitudinal predictors of teen dating violence, and (4) the use of mindfulness-based programs for enhancing substance use treatment outcomes.

Does change in perceptions of peer teen dating violence predict change in teen dating violence perpetration over time?

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The relationship between mindfulness and compulsive sexual behavior in a sample of men in treatment for substance use.

Agency: National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Type: New Investigator/Early Career Program in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Period: 1/1/17 – 12/31/18 Total Cost: 0,000.00 Role on project: PI Title: Agency: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) Type: Ruth L.

R., *Grigorian, H., *Wolford-Clevenger, C., *Elmquist, J., Shorey, R.

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The distal consequences of physical and emotional neglect in emerging adults: A person-centered, multi-wave, longitudinal study.

A prospective daily diary investigation., 6, 509-518.

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