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And we’d venture El Norteño makes them better than anyone else in Arizona. And while we do have a place in our hearts for the California burritos stuffed with fries and fish tacos of So Cal, we must go with our one true love: the Mission burrito.

It’s an old-school, counter-service spot where an asada chimichanga brings an unexpected heat, and only gets better when topped with red chile, sour cream, and cheese. We’ve long been fans of the spa town’s iconic restaurant and its fantastic spicy sauce. Yes, yes, it won all sorts of awards when Nate Silver used science and then people to cook up a huge burrito bracket, but we’ve been spouting off about the carnitas at La Taqueria for as long as Thrillist has been in SF, and its hard to argue with the perfection that is its super burrito, especially if you’re going to finish it off with those green/red salsas that are sitting on the table.

Eventually, though, we landed on fried catfish and hushpuppies, a specialty up and down the state’s muddy rivers and an iconic Southern plate of golden fried food.

Ezell’s Fish Camp now has multiple locations, but go to the original in tiny Butler for the true experience.

Opened in the ‘30s, the family-owned restaurant (and, initially, family-run fishing camp) hauls the giant fish out of the nearby Tombigbee, fries up the filets, and serves them alongside dense hushpuppies. Sure, you can find some shady roadside stand peddling black bear jerky or a sausage made from one of Santa's reindeer, but the move here is to honor the fishermen who risk their lives trolling for Alaskan king crab, a crustacean that's perhaps the most dangerous thing to fish for in the entire ocean.

Yes, still get that bison burger, but go in with the expectation that it might actually take a backseat to the spuds, which you can customize by potato type (sweet, purple, gold) and cut (regular, shoestring, homestyle, balls, and waffle are among the shapes), then pick seasonings and sauces that range from blueberry ketchup to roasted garlic. Downstate, you'll find heart-stopping horseshoes and some celebrated BBQ. Will it be sweet (grilled green and/or red bells) or hot (giardiniera, a glorious relish of spicy pickled vegetables that varies from place to place)? Elmo's is a memorable experience, and some Hoosiers are certain to be angry about Iowa getting the nod on pork tenderloin sandwiches (and to be sure, they have many a fine rendition as well), but there's something sweetly soul-satisfying about a sugar cream pie (does anyone dislike ANY of those words? Wick's has built an empire on these custardy delights (it'll ship all over), but like so many things, they're another experience altogether tasted fresh from the source. You can't go wrong with the version at Breitbach's (now on its sixth generation of owners dating back to the 1850s), though you might be violating doctor's orders to restrict your pork intake. Yes, burnt ends are the Kansas City signature, and Joe's has some of the best around (on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday, at least). With respect to the Colonel and Billy Ray Cyrus, it’s the tastiest icon Kentucky has birthed.But if you can make it to NOLA on the week before Easter, you may be able to grab a bowl of its gumbo z’herbes, a rarely seen green gumbo made for Holy Thursday, and preserved in the culinary tradition of the region by Leah Chase, the restaurant’s matriarch.Our NY editor Andrew Zimmer spent the summer eating his way through lobster roll joints all around the East Coast, which is alarming in its own right, but also makes him a verifiable expert in the field, and through all his travels, he never encountered anyone more passionate about lobster than Steve Kingston, the owner of The Clam Shack.But if you want to start a real argument, especially in the Chicago area, start talking about Italian beef, sort of like an Italian riff on a French dip to the uninitiated, and much, much more than that to those who get it. Should you get it dipped (the whole damn sandwich dunked in the rich, spice-laden pan gravy), wet (an extra ladle full poured over the ribbons of beefy goodness held together by a soft roll), or dry (what's wrong with you? It's a lot to figure out, so don't sweat where to get one. Trek out to the small town of Winchester (about 90 minutes west of Indianapolis), order a slice, and enjoy forkful after forkful as three of the most perfect English words dance through your head. You'll find a hubcap-sized serving of tenderloin, pounded thin, battered, and impossibly juicy. And they also make a perfect brisket, which is just fine on its own. Even more than boudin sausage and po-boys, gumbo represents Louisiana’s entire attitude toward food: it’s a rich, deeply flavored stew that utilizes whatever’s bountiful in the season, shows off the state’s unique heritage, and is meant to draw in the family and neighbors for a shared meal.You'll also find a tiny burger-sized bun and smattering of fixin's that are completely dwarfed by the pork's presence. But the Z-Man somehow makes it even better, stacking onion rings, smoked provolone, and the signature meat on a kaiser roll. Dooky Chase's serves our favorite Creole gumbo, laden with andouille, veal, shrimp, and oysters, and thickened with a dash of filé.

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