Adam dating tommy instant messenger datings sites in 2016

Tommy may get a little more than what he bargained for when he tries to slide into home Tommy Joe is losing it.

He goes to the worst of bars hoping to get killed but all he could do was to get drunk again.

From a kink or violence angle it may be WAY (no pun intended) too much for some people. This fic is set back in time at the end of the Glamnation tour.

It started out as a Fanfiction on You Tube and I abandoned it almost 6 years ago.

And neither of them were expecting that their innocent sleepover would soon turn into so much more.

Tommy Joe Ratliff is a senior crazed by sex, and he now has his eyes on our very sexy but innocent Junior Adam Lambert.

When Adam and Tommy accidentally meet at a bar, Tommy learns of Adam's traumatic state, with the help of an old friend Sutan who works with Adam at the bar.

Tommy is determined to befriend the dark, mysterious man, and hopefully help him escape the cloak of depression that hangs over him.

his existence to mortals is unknown as are all angels who walk among us, but when Adam meets a particularly intriguing Nephilim it begins a chain reaction of events that could change his life forever.....Abandoned at a young age by his family, Adam works at a local club downtown for money.When he's not working, he's busy starting his own career. Adam had secrets that bury within him farther than his grave will.Adam and Sam should really get together cause to be honest I think they would be cute together, not wanting to say this but I dream of being with Adam but he should totally explore more options than me like Sam for one 😂 my dream though of being with Adam will remain in my heart and Imagination ~Andy H. Not long after hearing the news of Adam Lambert's less-than-glamorous split with Sauli Koskinen, a little birdy is singing sweet whispers of a new romance! Does he make a hot rebound or will this cement into something a lil' more serious down the road??

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