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To prove their ongoing friendship, Lambert told the news outlet that had bought Koskinen a coffee and bagel the morning of the interview.

Who is the mystery red head deep in conversation with @adamlambert & @samsmithworld? © P0T03Cx Wq Fe B1 — Chris Jepson (@Chris Jepson) October 7, 2016 Recently, rumors have surfaced that Lambert is dating singer Sam Smith– the two have been spotted multiple times over the past few weeks, and have publicized their encounters on social media.

Tommy may get a little more than what he bargained for when he tries to slide into home Tommy Joe is losing it.

He goes to the worst of bars hoping to get killed but all he could do was to get drunk again.

Adam and Sam should really get together cause to be honest I think they would be cute together, not wanting to say this but I dream of being with Adam but he should totally explore more options than me like Sam for one 😂 my dream though of being with Adam will remain in my heart and Imagination ~Andy H.

Not long after hearing the news of Adam Lambert's less-than-glamorous split with Sauli Koskinen, a little birdy is singing sweet whispers of a new romance! Does he make a hot rebound or will this cement into something a lil' more serious down the road??

And even now I still get the occational comment on it so I figured that I'd revive it in a way. Adam Lambert would never mess with a straight boy, they were more trouble then they were worth.

Summary: It’s 1986 and Tommy Ratliff is a hardcore punk troublemaker.That’s right, it’s the dreaded high school au, but with an 80’s twist. Tommy's just finished his second year of college and like every summer, he goes home to spend it with his parents and works alongside them at the annual San Diego Carnival as a vendor. He was created to dominate and lead the next generation of vampires into a new age.This year, the carnival features a new sideshow act and one of the men in the show unexpectedly catches Tommy's eye and soon makes him rethink his whole path in life. When he is forced into an evening out he encounters a human with beautiful blue eyes.Adam is one of the top Archangels who presides over the people of LA.his existence to mortals is unknown as are all angels who walk among us, but when Adam meets a particularly intriguing Nephilim it begins a chain reaction of events that could change his life forever.....

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