Absolute dating of the pennsylvanian period

These arose after tree shrews which still had claws instead of flat nails.

For the advantages of group life it doesn't often matter what sex your partner(s) in the group may be - therefore, we know that homosexuality is as good as heterosexuality for purposes of agglutinating the group.This is the really important change going on in the line leading to humanity.Once humans are extant on the face of the Earth it will be the continuing expansion of the brain to handle "culture" which is the defining diagnostic criterion.However, since erroneous DNA duplication keeps throwing up variation in the form of abnormal individuals, each species will generate aberrant forms; some of these will prove adept at living within some particular environment. When environmental change does come there is a broader spectrum of responses proposed by biology to the dispositional effect of nature.Thus, the increasing reliance upon the new and improved primate brain led onward and upward among some individuals to monkeyhood.

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