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You prepay the for the real work: pre-investigation, translation, consideration, estimation of your case. You can read about the possible restrictions of the WU service "Money in minutes" right at the WU site here or here: Money in Minutes Service Notes/ Restrictions.Our policy is: If a customer can't afford himself prepay just for the pre-investigation of his case with the total budget 0 - 0, then most likely he will never pay for the entire work. Funds may be delayed or services unavailable based on certain transaction conditions, including amount sent, destination, country, currency availability, regulatory issues, identification requirements, Agent location hours, differences in time zones, or selection of delayed options. Qualifying PIN-based debit cards are accepted at participating Agent locations. See Send form or online Terms & Conditions for details. For example, if a receiver picks up money too often from different senders and (as it's in usual business process).- have you ever investigated the person before and when it was? - duration of our work (for the services like surveillance, etc.); - when would you like to start (if applicable)? The main rule: don’t rely on doubtful "detectives", trust reliable companies!Please, answer this question seriously, because our further strategy depends on it very much. If you are seeking only the cheapest and risky offers without any guarantee, unfortunately it will be rather difficult to help you.Please, remember: we are a serious company and we earn our MAIN money by means of the MAIN order from you, which will be following after our pre-investigation. Up to the present now we have never had such a situation. You may pay for our services by means of any of the methods which are indicated below. The WU has maximum its offices to send money around the world.But we do NOT make our money mainly thanks to this . However for some countries WU has limitations for total amounts, online sending by card, and for commercial usage (sending money from different clients to 1 receiver as it's in usual business process, the WU often returns such transactions back).

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They are specialized in tracing and detection of a women in dating agencies, quest, inquiry.

Please be aware that by using SSL encryption, your connection may be noticeably slower. We will tell you the exact cost of the work and other necessary information after consideration of your request. For our prepaid service we give you a firm guarantee that your order will be processed by us.

If it is not working for some reason at the moment, please, try again later on or use the usual (not SSL) connection by clicking on the button above. If you have questions regarding our order policy, please read our FAQ. If we are unable to meet our engagements or to find the requested information for some reason, then we will refund the money to our customer. It's a fast method as well, we can begin performing your order at once.

Please click the link below and fill in the request form: If you would like to use an SSL-encrypted web connection, you may click the link below to continue. In contrast to our not so numerous competitors, we always work only with guaranty, because our detectives are professionals.

The information you provide will be sent over an encrypted connection. We have successfully accomplished many complex tasks before.

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