A legit europ dating websites

Living in a foreign country adds an extra problem for those who are chasing cupid.

So we run through the best ways to meet your match in Prague.

The site does not just include foreigners living in Prague but also Czechs and people planning to come to Prague in the future.Online Dating Online dating was quick to catch on in the Czech Republic and there are dozens of subscription-free sites to choose from.The most popular is ( which has something for every taste.Even if you speak no Czech you can still use the site, just make your way to the Foreign Languages section (“Cizojazycné”), where there are plenty of ads in English.If you are looking for an English-language dating site specifically for Prague, is your best bet.

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    Thankfully, the College did not flood and all roads near the campus are accessible.

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    Semantics aside, 1OAK is fun and that’s all that really matters.