17 celestial rules dating

In order to help substantiate what I have written, I have used many quotes from President Kimball, but much of the inspiration comes from countless hours of interview with young people.

To live these rules will require spiritual strength added to a sincere desire to do what is right.

To think that it could never happen to you is a major error of gigantic proportions. It can happen to you, to Bishops, to stake Presidents or anyone who places themselves in such a position. I remember clearly a visiting general authority counseling the bishops in my stake to never interview a woman in the ward alone in the building, and to not give women or young ladies rides somewhere alone. If you have good parents, they may have similar or other rules like these.

If a dating partner is not willing to follow these rules or thinks they are too strict, DROP THEM FLAT! Dont say to yourself, "Boy do I know so-and-so who needs these rules." The rules are for you! Now these are not all of the rules we might follow in dating.

It is an excellent idea to double or group date for most of your dating until at least the age of 18. NOTE TO PARENTS: You would be shocked to know the number of your young people that I have talked to that lost their virtue in their own front room, or family room, or bedroom, while their parents were home, but asleep in their own bedroom or in another part of the house.

There is hardly anything greater to assist you in obtaining the Celestial Kingdom than to be worthy to marry the right person a t the proper time in you life, in the Temple. He says that early dating is often done with parental approval, "yet it is near criminal to subject a tender child to the temptations of maturity." Remember, NO STEADY DATING until after missions. Sometimes when we start to like someone quite a bit, we tend to single date almost exclusively . When we are tired and have become more relaxed with each other through the evening, it is very easy to let down our guard . You both should be at your respective homes at this time.

Time after time, physical surroundings, circumstances, and activities were all repeated, and all seemed to set the stage for sin to enter into young lives.

Do not lie down by each other or on top of each other. To follow these rules will require humility and spiritual strength added to a desire to be valiant. or, unless you will be missing the Sophomore Prom." 2. President Kimball advises, "Everyboy should have been saving money for his mission and be free from any and all entanglements so he will be worthy. one can have all the blessings if he is in control and takes the experiences in proper turn, first some limited social get-acquainted contacts, then his mission, then hiscourting, then his temple marriage and his schooling and his family, then his lifes work," A word to you young ladies of the church: You should always encourage a young man to fulfill his mission. We are grateful for them; however, for every success story, there are numerous tragic stories of members and nonmembers alike being hurt by such, Have the faith to follow the prophet in this most important matter. How unfortunate that any LDS girl would own a swimming suit that she could not use for LDS functions. Even after the age of 18, it is desirable to date in couples or groups. We should be in from our dates by (college age) and (high school age) or sooner. Know exactly what you are going to do on a date before you go. As you date, especially with those you really like, discuss these rules and your standards so that you each understand what you expect from yourself and your relationship with each other. You must have firmly planted in your mind right from wrong, and do not let ANYONE talk you into anything that would not meet the Saviors approval.Rules for Celestial Dating These are not all the rules we might follow in dating.But, I have never talked to a young person yet who has committed a moral transgression of any kind who has not broken several of these rules.

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